About us

SLIBTEC is an ecosystem conducive for high-end biotech innovation created by the continued adoption of cutting edge technologies in dedicated facilities with support systems, enabling a vibrant research, development and innovation culture. Further, by including customised biotechnology incubation and manufacturing in one physical location, whilst adhering to global best practices including sustainability concepts in all spheres of activities, SLIBTEC provides a linear research and development manufacturing platform for the biotechnology business.


Be the driving force for an innovation led bio-economy in Sri Lanka while being an internationally preferred destination for biotechnology


Create a state of the art biotech innovation ecosystem in one physical location while working synergistically with other hi-tech sectors towards increasing novel biotechnology products and services that would significantly enhance Sri Lanka’s economy, whilst enhancing and retaining a skilled human resource pool to position Sri Lanka as a global biotech hub


One stop shop for high-end biotechnology innovation and manufacturing

SLIBTEC Research

State of the art end to end biotechnology solution for emerging global demands