SLIBTEC Research

The SLIBTEC Research platform will fuel world class research and innovation through provision of cutting edge resources including: state of the art laboratories equipped with the most current instrumentation for biotechnology research; along with top notch resource pools in a range of biotechnology research sectors, for strategic development, through to day-to-day services, towards achieving the next break through. SLIBTEC research is modeled on a multidisciplinary, collegiate approach to pursue scientific excellence towards propelling innovation, whilst safeguarding intellectual property. Outcome-oriented innovative research is designed with business leaders at hand, in a widely engaged research and development ecosystem including international collaborators. SLIBTEC supports new paradigms in advanced biotechnology research.

The SLIBTEC research ecosystem is built to ensure research is conducted in a safe and healthy manner, maximizing effective resource use and remaining focused on the outcome. Many of our resources will be available not only to SLIBTEC, but also as a national and global service to all researchers.

Our Partners

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